The Sanskrit language is referred to as the ‘Divine Language’ and the word itself means ‘perfectly constructed’. The sounds of this unique language are beautiful, clear and simple and have a stilling and purifying effect on the heart and mind. Listening to verses, prayers and sutras in Sanskrit is found to be uplifting and beneficial.

Sanskrit is full of beauty: beauty of sound, structure, script in its poetry and prose. Study of its grammar brings order to the mind and clarifies thought. Its purpose is not just a mode of human communication but also a medium to bring a much greater and broader understanding of oneself and the universe.

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Sanskrit stands at the root of many eastern and western languages, including English and most other European languages, classical and modern. Its study illuminates their grammar and etymology. Innumerable English words can be shown to derive from forms still extant in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit literature embodies a rich and beautiful tapestry of the human psyche and introduces the reader to vast epics, profound scriptures, subtle philosophy, mythology and exquisite poetry.

In this era of unprecedented change and uncertainty, it can be a valuable tool to assess and look afresh at society.


The three year (nine term) Sanskrit course developed by the School requires no previous knowledge.

Since 2004 students from around the world have found it to be a well-paced, stimulating and enjoyable course which has enhanced and facilitated their study of philosophy. As well as providing participants with fundamental skills and knowledge, it establishes an excellent platform for those who wish to continue the study of Sanskrit in greater depth.



The Sanskrit sessions are structured around four themes:

Spirit ~
An introduction to the spiritual significance of Sanskrit, through discussion and extracts from relevant readings.

Sound ~
Accurate and fluent pronunciation, reading and chanting.

Principles ~
Exploration of the beautiful grammatical structure of the language.

Practice ~
Step-by-step exercises in writing and translation.


The course is conducted by a dedicated tutor and during each session you'll have the opportunity to interact with the tutor as well as your fellow students. The 10 week course format is online, live and interactive. Each session 90 minutes in duration.

The cost of the course is $100 per term.

If you are currently enrolled in a Philosophy course in the school, a special rate of $50 applies.

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‘The Sanskrit language is there, pure and clean, unhampered or distorted by anyone; and it can mirror the laws of the universe to anyone.

This is the good companion, the good guide and the great friend. Journey with it and then the Veda (knowledge) is simple and sure.’

- Srī Śāntananda Sarasvatī -


    Not offered May 2024, next course September 2024


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