Do you know someone...

With an enquiring spirit? Someone who is wondering if there's more to life?  Someone who wants to explore subjects that matter, such as happiness, justice, beauty and the underlying unity of all things?

Perhaps you would like to gift them our Introductory course, The Wisdom Within?

 Simply purchase a voucher which allows the recipient to enrol in any 10-Week online introductory course in 2021.

The Wisdom Within Introductory Course will be available next term for just $100.
Courses begin February 2021 and online bookings are now open.

    Gift Certificate

  • 'The Wisdom Within' Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate Value $100

    • $100.00 incl. GST

NOTE: Add your own details as the 'attendee' during check out. You will receive a unique code for the gift recipient to use.